Principal's Message

Principal's Welcome Message

Welcome to all students, parents/guardians, families and community members to Holy Name of Mary Catholic Elementary School.

It is my honour to serve as the principal of Holy Name of Mary Catholic Elementary School. As Principal, I am dedicated to Catholic education and working in partnership with all staff, students, families and Parish to ensure that Holy Name of Mary is a safe, inclusive, and welcoming school community.

The school motto at Holy Name of Mary is “Together, we celebrate faith, family, and learning.” The staff at Holy Name of Mary is dedicated to helping all students reach their full potential and to meet success in a caring, supportive, and Christ- centered environment. Jesus is at the center of all we say and do as a school community. We look forward to continuing our positive relationship with our St. Ann’s Parish community and our Pastor, Father Peter Tuyen Nguyen. We will work closely with this team to plan Masses, sacramental programs and classroom visits. As a school community, in partnership with the home and school parish of St. Ann’s Ancaster, we will work together and focus on the Catholic Graduate Expectations to be:

1. A Discerning Believer
2. An Effective Communicator
3. A Reflective, Creative and Holistic Thinker
4. A Self-Directed, Responsible, Life-Long Learner
5. A Collaborative Contributor
6. A Caring Family Member
7. A Responsible Citizen

At Holy Name of Mary Catholic Elementary School, we will celebrate our school mission and vision statements as well as our school pledge.

School Mission Statement
We believe that as a Catholic school community we are called to create an environment where gospel values are at the heart of our daily activities. We strive to excel in the best of our ability while always being respectful to one another.

School Vision Statement
We celebrate Catholicity in everything we do. We recognize equal opportunities for the achievement of all. We strive to be positive role models who show compassion and empathy for one another. We challenge ourselves daily to follow Christ’s teachings in our actions and words.

Our School Pledge

We belong to a Catholic community.
We are family.
We respect one another.
We trust one another.
We help one another.
We forgive one another.
We are responsible for our behaviour.
We recognize the worth in others.
We are honest in what we say and do.
We treat others as we would like to be treated.
We celebrate the wonders of God.

Our Catholic School Council will continue to take an active role in the daily lives of our students. Please consider getting involved!

With God as our guide, I look forward to supporting the students, parents/guardians, staff and parish of the Holy Name of Mary Catholic School community.

Wishing all of our families, students, and staff a successful school year!

Yours in Catholic Education,

Ms. C. Schillaci