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Student Council
Student Council Initiated Activities for 2017-2018

Student Council Initiated Activities for 2017-2018

We are fortunate at Holy Name of Mary to have a caring staff and parent community who succeed in creating many galvanizing opportunities for the students. The Student Council, too, has worked with their teacher advisors to plan student driven activities for the school population this year. They are proud of the initiatives they have arranged as they consulted with their respective peers and believe that everyone will appreciate them (Please see the attached list). We ask that you encourage your child/children to participate fully in these activities because we strive to support students in gaining a sense of belonging through increased attachment and positive relationships when interacting in such events. As well, we are very grateful and appreciatiave of parental involvement. Our doors are always open!

Student Council Members 2017-18

Student Council Members 2017-18

We are delighted to announce the Student Council for this year. They are a diligent and repsonsible group of students who are dedicated to making Holy Name of Mary the best school that it can be. Thank you to Mr. Rowthorn and Mrs. Kandilas who are serving as Student Council Advisors for the year.

The members are as follows:
President - Stefanie T
Vice President - Julia P.
Social Convenor - Reuben M.
Social Convenor - Shilpa M.
Athletic Representative - Adrianna V.

Grade 4 to 8 also elected Student Council Class Representatives and they are:
Brooklynn R.
Mikhail G. (back up Allegra S.)
Yvonne P
Desi S. (back up Claire D.)
Ava G
Ali L.
Abigail M.
Samuel C. (back up Mia Z.)
Maia B.

The Student Council Executives will inform the FDK and Primary Classes of important school information and events.
Spirit Days for 2017 -2018

Spirit Days for 2017 -2018

The Student Council had the opportunity to meet and set dates for theme or spirit days for the year. Please see the attached list. On most of the days listed, we will also have a Spirit Assemlby when awards related to the Catholic Graduate Expectations will be distributed. We will also view a video, pedagogical activity, story book reading, etc connected to our school wide initiatve, Inner Peace: Go within to find Him. Finally, we have a Good Behaviour Draw wherein students are rewarded for their good deeds and exemplary behaviour. We also interject many teachable moments into these assemblies such as skits, guest speakers, or similar. Parents and other guests are most welcome to attend. The Student Council thanks you in advance for your co-operation and participation in these community building activities.