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CONTEST TIME: How Well Do You Know the Staff of Holy Name of Mary?

Challenge yourself and learn new things about the staff while you have fun. All you have to do is read each clue and match the staff’s name to it from the list below.I (Mrs. Fraser) am the only one who has all the answers, so staff is encouraged to play along too. This is going to be tricky, but greatly entertaining because when I collected all the information from staff members, I was amazed to find out things that I never knew. I will be shocked, yet pleasantly surprised, if someone gets all the responses correct. If someone does, he/she will receive much well-deserved recognition.
Prizes: 2 prizes to student winners and 1 prize to a staff winner. The prizes will go to the people with the most correct responses.
Good luck everyone!
(Contest Answer Forms are attached here)
Please send all completed answer forms to NO LATER than 6:00pm on Sunday, January 17, 2021. You can also email me at too for hints if you are really stuck.

1. This staff member went sky diving in the Swiss Alps.
2. This person enjoys ice fishing.
3. This staff member loves the Raptors, and his/her favourite player is Pascal Siakm.
4. This person went to St. Thomas More CSS with Mme C. and has three (3) daughters.
5. This staff member has four (4) sons.
6. This person loves pineapples and has a collection of pineapple decorations and t-shirts.
7. This staff member had a Siberian Husky dog named Scarlett.
8. This person has one very big dog and one very little dog.
9. This staff member is new to the school and he/she plays guitar.
10. This person studied in Paris, France and was nanny for two (2) children at the same time.
11. This staff member blew up a furnace at Dofasco while working there one summer.
12. This person has two (2) children who attend St. Ann CES in Ancaster.
13. This staff member was the only female on a boy’s rep. hockey team and almost made tryouts for Team Canada soccer before an unfortunate injury.
14. This person used to teach French before coming a homeroom teacher.
15. This staff member has a German shepherd and beagles.
16. This person has four (4) children too (boys and girls).
17. This staff member taught at the same school as Mrs. Fraser when she was a teacher and had not become a principal yet.
18. This person’s favourite candy is chewing gum.
19. This staff member’s favourite hobbies are hiking, camping, exploring conservation areas, provincial parks and being outdoors.
20. This person has two (2) twin sons who are in high school.
21. This staff member has been at HNOM the longest.
22. This person’s favourite saying is: Pickle sticks and apple strudels
23. This staff member went to Japan on a student exchange in high school.
24. This person loves everything Disney.
25. This staff member’s family owns a pizza place and has a thriving cookie business.
26. While on safari in Africa, this person was charged not once, but twice, by an angry elephant
27. This staff member has a secret talent, which is the ability to play the organ and this person loves Harry Potter.
28. This person has seven (7) guitars.
29. This staff member loves to work out and does so every single day.
30. This person works at five (5) schools in one week.
31. This staff member’s heritage is French Canadian and Polish.
32. This person went to high school at Cardinal Newman.
33. This staff member speaks French and used to teach French Immersion at St. Joseph CES.
34. This person became a permanent teacher this year.
35. This staff member got married during the 1st Covid Lockdown.
36. This person loves anything to do with books.

Staff Member Word Bank (in no particular order)

Mrs. Beltrano
Ms. Aquino
Mrs. Fraser
Mrs. Pontillo
Mrs. Belisario
Mr. Fazzari
Mrs. Lawson
Mrs. Jacek-Winterfield
Ms. Giannamore
Mrs. Mullen
Ms. Gallagher
Mrs. Sabourin
Mrs. DiIanni
Mrs. Raniero-Sexeiro
Mrs. Wilson
Ms. Bassie
Mr. Lolli
Mrs. Frewin
Mr. Pellicciotta
Mme Zambito
Mrs. Herrera
Mrs. Hopper
Mrs. Spasaro
Mrs. Vella
Ms. Soccio
Ms. Vlaho
Mr. Bozzo
Ms. Ciardullo
Ms. Kandilas
Mrs. Eramo
Mr. Rowthorn
Ms. Mamo
Mrs Minardi
Mme Merla (Mme C)
Mrs. Gennaccaro-Morosin
Mrs. Cowitz

CONTEST TIME: How Well Do You Know the Staff of Holy Name of Mary?