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End of Year Message

June is over and July is well underway and thus, we bid farewell to our students, staff, and parents. It has been a fantastic year filled with events that have brought us closer together. We would like to thank you for your ongoing support throughout the year. We could not offer such a rich education to our students without the continuing effort and support that you all give.

We encourage you to join School Council meetings to share your opinions and have your concerns heard. Your genuine interest in your child’s education is evident and the students ultimately benefit. We appreciate and thank all our volunteers for the countless hours involved in so many of the behind the scenes activities.

With the end of the year also comes staff changes and family moves. We would like to take this opportunity to wish those students and families leaving us this year all the best in their new schools and homes. We want to extend our sincere thanks and best wishes to staff members who will be leaving us for different assignments and other leaves:
Mrs. Sieminski - Grade 3 at St. Margaret Mary School
Mr. Friscolanti - Grade 6 at St. Michael
Mrs. Bucci - assignment ended here
Miss Khes-Grabiec - assignment ended
Mrs. Vlaho - maternity leave
Mrs. Vigna - maternity leave

We also welcome new staff in September and are pleased to have them with us and to join the HNOM family:
Mrs. Raniero - Grade 4
Mr. O'Neil - Grade 2
Mrs. Herrera - Educational Assistant
Mrs. Frewin - Educational Assistant
Mrs. Barray - Educational Assistant
Mrs. Rigby - Educational Assistant

Finally as the summer holidays are upon us, we all wish you and your family a safe and enjoyable summer vacation. Happy Belated Canada Day!

End of Year Message