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September and October Award Winners - I Am a Discerning Believer! (CGEs)

In September and October, our focus is: Being a Discerning Believer (the Catholic Graduate Expectations). The exact piece of the CGE that was the focus in September was displaying a strong relationship wtih God and in October, we targeted forgiveness. Please reinforce with your children that God is always with us and we can talk to him anytime through prayer to form a stronger connection to God. As well, when someone your children care about hurts them, remind them that they can hold onto anger, resentment and thoughts of revenge OR welcome forgiveness and move forward. This is a great opportunity to strengthen Holy Name of Mary's conflict resolution policy of TASR (Think-Ask-State your feelings-Resolve). Make certain that your children comprehend forgiveness is letting go of grudges and bitterness. By embracing forgiveness, they can also fortify their relationship with God and enjoy inner peace (which connects with our school wide initiative: Inner Peace - Go within to find Him).

September Winners
Nicole W (FDK)
Markee P. (FDK)
Jase M. (FDK)
Nadia G. (FDK)
Patrice C. (1)
Johnny S. (1)
Oliver M. (2)
Jason U. (2)
Callie M. (2)
Gianluca C. (2)
Sophie G. (3)
Lilianna Z. (3)
Nicholas E.T. (3)
Maiah D. (3)
Noah C. (4)
Lila B. (4)
Victoria Z. (4)
Ali L. (4)
Brooklynn R. (4)
Jack H. (5)
Alexis I. (5)
Jacob P. (5)
Sabina S. (5)
Silas A. (5)
Ria A. (5)
Joshua C. (6)
Brooklyn W. (6)
Jack C. (7)
Saumel C. (7)
Jenna A. (7)
Kalan B. (7)
Will F. (7)
Lauren F. (8)
Nathan F. (8)
Noah S. (8)
Reuben M. (8)

October Winners
Minah K. (FDK)
Soul A-D (FDK)
Emma C. (FDK)
Joshua P. (FDK)
Grayson Y. (FDK)
Wyatt C. (FDK)
Leah F. (FDK)
Hailey K (FDK)
Olivia E. (1)
Nicole C. (1)
Ava F. (1)
Andrew F. (1)
Reba P. (2)
Quinton S. (2)
Abbigail P. (2)
Arianna P. (3)
Knoxx F. (3)
Joshua D. (3)
Benjamin B. (4)
Julian A. (4)
Angelene K. (4)
Olivia S. (4)
Vittoria M. (4)
Oriana I. (5)
Martin F.H. (5)
Matteo V. (5)
Claudia W. (5)
Austin P. (5)
Victoria L. (6)
Andrew J. (6)
Cameron M. (6)
Alessia G. (6)
Alyssa M. (7)
Jack C (7)
Tenelia . (7)
Nicholas M. (7)
Paris M. (8)
Sebastian M. (8)
Madison C. (8)
Shilpa M. (8)

September and October Award Winners - I Am a Discerning Believer! (CGEs)